Lennarts uppdateringar

Lennarts uppdateringar

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I denna blogg kan du eventuellt läsa om ett och annat som jag gjort, som jag gör och som jag tänker göra.

En liten DNA-analys

GenealogiPosted by Lennart Eriksson 11 Oct, 2015 15:36:30
Jag har låtit analysera mitt DNA, både på pappas (y-DNA) och mammas (mtDNA) sida.

Pappas y-DNA tillhör "haplogruppen" I-M253 och mammas gruppen J.

Om I-M253, dvs. min pappas DNA, kan man bland annat inhämta följande information:

"I-M253 is found at its highest density in Northern Europe and other countries that experienced extensive migration from Northern Europe, either in the Migration Period, the Viking period or modern times. It is found in all places invaded by the ancient Germanic Peoples and the Vikings. In the modern era, significant I-M253 populations have also taken root in immigrant nations and former European colonies such as United States, Australia and Canada".

Om J, dvs. min mammas DNA, säger en annan källa följande:

"Haplogroup J*—the root lineage of haplogroup J—is found distributed throughout Europe, but at a relatively low frequency. Haplogroup J is generally considered one of the prominent lineages that was part of the Neolithic spread of agriculture into Europe from the Near East beginning approximately 10,000 years ago."

Värmlänning, Svensk, Europé sedan lång tid alltså!

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